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Swings & Harnesses

Sex Swings & Harnesses

Spank, Ride or position yourselves into your perfect orgasm. Sex Swings & Harnesses are one of our favorite sex toy accessories.  Are you a couple looking to experiment at home? Taking them extra naughty risks. Or maybe your a mistress or dom, looking for new ways to play with your sub. We have many varieties of Swings and Harnesses. Door Swings are a great fun for couples. Let your partner take control and cuff you up to the door, giving them easy access and lots of room to tease you.

Position Masters are another great accessory in the bedroom. We are always looking to try out new position but can struggle to hold ourselves in place. Well say no more, the Position Masters and Sex Slings will hold you in place throughout your sexual games. Or a harness can give your partner the perfect grip to place you just where they want to.

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