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Love Eggs & Ben Wa Balls

Love Eggs & Ben Wa Balls

Increase your orgasms and sexual games by experimenting with Ben Wa balls. Also known as Kegel balls they are small, hollow or silicone balls, with weights inside that roll around for sexual stimulation when inserted into the vagina. Pop these in during the day or around the house whilst cooking dinner and hold them in place using your pubococcygeus muscle. This will strengthen your pelvic muscles creating a more tantalizing sensation during your sexual games. The better your orgasms get the more you will want to wear your pleasure balls.

Love eggs are also a fun and thrilling sex toy for couples. Why not pop them in before a night out and let your partner tease you during dinner knowing there massaging your g-spot every time you flinch. If that isn’t enough to leave you running to the toilet unable to control your ultimate climax. You mostly definitely need to try out remote control eggs, give your partner the controls and let him or her taunt you throughout the evening. Will you make it home or will you cave to temptation begging your partner to satisfy you.

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